Monday, May 01, 2006

Poker Stratergy- Folding Pocket Rockets

The most important skill in playing poker is discipline. Can you fold Pocket Rockets?

The aim of the game, apart from the obvious and that is winning, is to finish as high as possible. First and foremost you want to recoup your entry fee then it’s a matter of finishing as close to the number 1 position as you can.

And yes, there is a time to fold AA without blinking an eye.

You’re playing a single table Sit n Go. The blinds are starting to bite hard and there’s five players left. Make no mistake, the aim of the game is a Top 3 finish, anything else is gravy.

The table is down to five and the blinds are hurting, the two chip leaders are using their stack to advantage, low man on the totem pole has rolled the dice and is all in. The guy in fourth place is committed with his big blind, now the hard part, throw away them Rockets and watch the hand unfold.

Sure, it’s easier said than done for most, but the advantage you have in folding your Pocket Rockets is that you do not risk anything and you can automatically move into third place should the chip leader win the showdown.

On this occasion, minimum risk for maximum reward is better than to announce your all in and watch in stunned silence as a flush on the river condemns you to a fourth placed finish.

Do you have the discipline required to be a successful Poker Player or are you married til death do us part when you see those Aces in the pocket?

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